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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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pinhead of the week, o'reilly. when the president is barack obama, it's beyond, a complete and republicans should say they're not if favor of the law and who is the guy who laughs in the background? and that's canned laughter, clemente, kind of what they do on ""i love lucy"" we can't afford the entire audience laugh so we've got one person that laughs. press that button. (laughter) see, i told you. the factor tip of the day. one of the most common phrases in the english language is i'm sorry. we all say it because we all do things that aren't good. the problem is it's not enough to say i'm sorry, and children especially need to learn that. if you do something bad to another person, you need to make amends as well as apologize. so, here is the factor tip of the day, think back over the
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last few weeks and months and if you've hurt somebody, even if you've apologized, try to make it up to them in a concrete way. and going forward, i'm sorry should always be accompanied by some form of restitution. that will automatically make you a person with class. factor tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website is different from and spout off to if anytime. and if you wish to opine, name and town. and the word factor of the day. nescient, a great word when writing to the factor. a little pinheady and showy,
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but if you learn it and somebody does something dopey, you can go nescient and the conversation will stop. and again, thanks for watching us tonight, i'm bill o'reilly and remember that the spin stops here. definitely looking out to you. >> and tonight on this jam packed edition of "hannity." you'll hear from three rising stars of the conservative movement, rand paul and ted cruz. and at cpac, hinting at a possible run at the white house, i'll ask him about that more, dr. ben carson and the 2013 straw poll is in and with 25% of the vote, kentucky senator rand paul was victorious. and attendees were not only likely impress heed by his remarks on friday, but by his impressive filibuster remarks this month. and senator marco rubio came
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in a close second. 23%. and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum rounded out the top three. chris christie, governor of new jersey had 7% and former vice-president nominee and wisconsin congressman paul ryan with 6%. here with the reaction the results and the man who came out on top, kentucky senator rand paul. senator, how are you? >> very good, good to be with you, sean. >> sean: does that mean you're running? >> i can tell it you it was invigorating and it was exciting probably 2000 young kids in the audience and standing and chanting and if you want to find some energy for the conservative movement, you see it it there. at cpac, it's one of the biggest convocations of young people you'll see all year long. >> sean: you took a different tact than some of the other speakers and i found myself in agreement with you, and that is the republican party needs to get tougher. ill h'll be honest, i was surprised when john boehner said he trusted obama.
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he has been duplicitous and trying to get boehner fired. why would he say he trusts him? >> there are a lot of things we believe in and shouldn't give up on and some of the things i was talking about, i think, attracts people from both the left and right and that's supporting your right to trial by jury, your right to be innocent until proven guilty, these are such time-honored concepts that i think it allows the republican party to get bigger, but our young people want us to stand for something, really stand on principle and i think that's why the filibuster probably helped me to gain enough votes to win in the poll. >> sean: do you identify yourself as more a libertarian conservative? people ask me, i'm a registered conservative in new york, i consider myself a reagan conservative. how do you -- is libertarian fair or-- do you embrace it, what? >> it depends what people mean by it. i use the term constitutional conservative, but libertarian conservative. one reason why i think that
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conservative has to be modified, when we were in power as republicans, we doubled the debt also. added new medicare prescription drug programs and new programs and new debt and so, really the conservative term really, and maybe has to be specified more, either libertarian conservative or constitutional conservative. but i accept all of those terms if they mean they believe in limited government and more individual liberty. >> sean: well, then that raises the question when you look at, say, paul ryan's budget versus the democrats they never get into balance. paul ryan saying he can balance it in ten years and increase spending, growth, 3.4% a year. is that conservative enough for you? >> well, we're tugging him in the right direction. last year, you know, my budget balanced in five years. mike lee had a budget that balanced in five years and paul ryan's budget was 28 years to get to balance. this year it's in ten so i think he's coming in the right direction. now, he does things a little bit different and i'm not saying i'm that critical. he tries to bend the curve of
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spending to slow down the rate of growth. what i say certain things shouldn't be done in washington. department of education i'd send it back to the states. that's what reagan said, what the republican party said. i'm one of the few who would dismantle some of the big bad things in washington and just say, that should remain with the states and the people. that's the only way you'll ever shrink the size of government, eliminating some departments. >> sean: i agree with that, i think that the states would do a better job. they would be serving the needs of the people in their community which makes a lot of sense. i was really in agreement with you over you tried to get your fellow senators and i was disappointed in some republican senators, to defund or at least put on hold the money that we're giving to the 9/11 truther and the guy, the former terrorist that refers to the israelis as descendents of apes and pigs, mohammed morsi. why are we giving this it guy f-16's, tanks, 1.5 billion dollars a year? >> it's beyond me and you know, we've closed down white
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house tours, but president obama somehow found 250 million extra to give to the radical islamic government of egypt. it makes no sense at all. i have an amendment that would cut off aid to egypt unless president morsi publicly reaffirms the camp david accord and publicly recognizes israel and says he recognizes the peace treaty or they get no money because i don't think he'll publicly say it. i think he's catering to the radical islamic mob that he'll public do say before he gets more money. >> sean: tomorrow, you'll be speaking to the hispanic chamber in washington and unveiling what you call trust and verify which is your immigration plan. how is it different than say, what marco rubio is proposing in his plan or the president? >> well, what we're trying to do is add teeth to that bipartisan plan. we want to make sure that border security is it in
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there. as conservatives we're worried you're going to give legal status and give border security later, well, it never comes. like so many liberal promises. so what we're asking for is every year we get to vote on whether the border is becoming more secure and all of immigration reform is dependent on those votes, but congress gets to vote, not the administration report. congress gets to vote on whether or not the border is secure. >> sean: all right, i support that as well because if we don't secure the border, the number one threat of the border we have the terrorists that can cross over, number one, number two, the problem never goes away. ever. >> right. >> sean: and we'll be arguing this every five, ten years about new amnesty, new, you know, it's just got to end and so, i would support the reforms if we trust and verify. so i think it's a good provision and senator rubio supported that? >> you know, we haven't had any personal discussion, but our staffs are talking and i think a lot of conservative republicans will support this. in fact, i think without my
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amendment they won't get conservative republican support and this has to pass for the house, also, so, i think really my concept for making sure that you have border security is the only way you're going to get significant republican support for this. >> sean: i think a lot of conservatives like myself want that first and accept the other part of it second and end the problem hopefully permanently. we have see what's happening, italy, spain, portugal, greece, now cyprus, they're literally going to confiscate, legally steal people's savings, up to 10%, maybe as high as 12 1/2%. the banks are shut down at least until thursday and see if they open on thursday. the president says we don't have an immediate debt crisis, john boehner and paul ryan confirm that and i find myself in disagreement. i think it's immediate, a clear and present danger. >> well, here is the thing about the president and his word "immediate." he says you have to be imminent threat before they drone you, but that doesn't have to be an immediate threat. so he has a little nuance between the words imminent and immediate with regard to
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drone. i think with debt crisis he's flat-out wrong. we have an immediate problem, it's gathering storm and it's going to be enormous, if we don't start working on it now it may get so big we won't be able to stop it. >> sean: we could become greece, spain, portugal, ireland, italy because they're all suffering and because of too much spending, too much debt, deficit is too high. all right, senator, congratulations on your big win. i know when you announce if you're running for president you'll do it hear? you want to make that promise? >> oh, yeah, we didn't already announce it. >> sean: no, i'm just checking. thank you, senator. >> all right. >> sean: appreciate it. and coming up on "hannity." >> i studied the constitution myself. i'm roonebly well-educated and i thank you for the lecture. >> i would note that she chose not to answer the question that i asked. >> the answer is obvious no. >> sean: well, she did need the lecture, left wing senator dianne feinstein says she felt, quote, patronized by
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that exchange simply because she was asked about the assault weapons ban. and ted cruz will join me to respond and later dr. benjamin carson brought down the house over at cpac and hinting that he may run for the white house. i'll ask him about that and much more. this is a jam-packed edition this is a jam-packed edition of "hannity." [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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>> so while he's only been a sitting united states senator for just over three months. texas lawmaker ted cruz from his unwavering support of rand paul's filibuster to his fierce opposition of chuck hagel as secretary of the defense. senator cruz has already demonstrated he has no problem confronting the establishment and proved that again last week when he dared to question veteran california democrat dianne feinstein to justify why she thinks the government has the right to limit the second amendment rights. >> would she think that the fourth amendment searches and seizures could only apply to the specified individuals and not to the individuals that congress has deemed outside the protection of the bill of rights? >> i'm not a 6th grader. senator, i've been on this committee for 20 years. it's fine you want to lecture me he on the constitution, i appreciate it. just know i've been here for a long time.
9:16 pm
>> nobody doubts her sincerity and passion yet at the same time i would note that she chose not to answer the question i asked: would it be consistent with the constitution for congress to specific which books are permitted and which are not? >> the answer is obvious, no. >> sean: following that exchanning cruz was hammered by the left and acued of being disrespectful. and senator feinstein was asked about it. >> were you insulted by what senator cruz said. walk us through your thinking. >> well, i just felt patronized. i felt he was somewhat arrogant about it and you know, when you've come from where i've come from and what you've seen and when you've found a dead body and put your finger in bullet holes, you really realize the impact of weapons. >> sean: all right. patronizing, arrogant, why? because he asked a tough question? here with the reaction to this
9:17 pm
senator ted cruz himself. welcome back to the program. >> sean, it's always great to be with you. >> sean: let's get your take on this, i liked your question, i would have liked an answer because this was a constitutional question. you're a former attorney general. you think she was uncomfortable answering it? >> well, look, i think we should be asking a lot more questions in congress about the constitutionality for just about everything this body does. you know, i have to say the reaction to that particular line of inquiry, it reminded me of nancy pelosi's reaction when she was asked what's the basis of the constitution for obamacare and her reaction was, are you serious? are you serious? for a long time, a whole bunch of democrats and unfortunately some republicans have been passing laws in this body without even asking where the basis is in the constitution and i think the constitution should be the starting point for everything congress does. >> sean: all right, senator, i'm in full agreement. i want you to maybe take people through this. we cut it a little short, the
9:18 pm
full exchange here, but you mentioned the fourth amendment and you mentioned the first amendment and you mentioned specific instances where, what would we do it here, do it there? why doesn't you explain what you meant. >> the reason is, if you look at the text of the constitution and i always think the text of the constitution should be the starting point. the second amendment provides the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed and the point i made in my question, that language, the right of the people, is a term of art, that the framers of the constitution used other places in the constitution. they used it in the first amendment, the right of the people to peacebly assemble or petition the government for redress. and the fourth amendment to be free from searches and seizures. and the entire premise of the assault weapons ban that the senate judiciary committee passed specify, which firearms it thinks is okay, and which firearms it thinks that american citizens don't have
9:19 pm
the right to use. and look, the identical language of the right of the people is found in the first second amendment, second amendment and fourth amendment. do you think that congress has that same power to pick and choose when it comes to the bill of rights? >> we're a society governed by the rule of law and makes the constitution. here is what makes it more interesting to me, dianne feinstein, she has the right to defend herself and carry a weapon. here is what she said. >> i know the sense of helplessness that people feel. i know the urge to arm yourself because that's what i did. i was trained in firearms, i'd walk to the hospital when my husband was sick, i carried a concealed weapon. i made the determination that this somebody was going to try to take me out, i was going to take them with me. >> sean: i'm going to take them with me. now, the interesting part, with all of those gun control talks, you, for example, in new york city very few people
9:20 pm
have the right to carry a weapon. it's almost impossible to get a carry permit in new york city. so, she's not affording her fellow americans the same right that she was bragging about back then. what's your reaction to that? >> now, i mean, that's exactly right. i mean, one of the really unfortunate things we've seen, sandy hook was a little over three months ago. it was tragic, horrific, every one of us-- i have got two little daughters at home and you couldn't have been anything, but horrified to see young children murdered like that, but it seems within minutes of that tragedy, you had politicians rushing out to use that tragedy to push an anti-gun agenda and i think we need to, number one, target violent criminals and be far more effective at stopping violent criminals from committing horrible acts of violence like we saw at sandy hook. but number two, we've got to protect the constitutional
9:21 pm
rights of law abiding citizens and i few my job every day as representing 26 million texans coming out to the senate and standing up for the constitution, standing up for the second amendment, and the first amendment, and the entire bill of rights, and our constitution which the framers meant for the constitution, as thomas jefferson put: the constitution should serve as chains to bind the mischief of government. the problem is, sean, when you look at president obama, it seems he doesn't want to recognize limits to any government power. i think we should stand for limits on government power and individual liberty. >> sean: i watched your speech live at cpac, and great speech, by the way. and you got a rock star welcome there and even some votes. you've only been in the senate for three months and you got some votes for those who would like to see you the next president. there have been questions raised about are you eligible to run for president. you were born in canada?
9:22 pm
>> well, sean, i'll leave those questions to others to worry about. i've been in the senate now for ten weeks and i've got to tell you, we're in the midst of battle every day with folks coming after our liberties and so my focus is 100% on the u.s. senate and standing up and defending-- >> your mother was a u.s. citizen just to clarify. >> that's correct, my mom was a u.s. citizen so i'm a citizen by birth. >> sean: i think that i hear birther cries building on the left if you ever run. all right, senator, thank you for being with us. >> thanks, sean, great to be with you. >> sean: coming up next. >> i also got a few nasty-grams from people. how dare you insult my president. you are an n-word and you need to get back-- you know, that's just unbelievable. >> sean: dr. benjamin carson revealed for the first time the racially charged backlash that he faced after daring to criticize the president's reckless economic policies. he did so in his blockbuster speech well-received at cpac
9:23 pm
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9:27 pm
up about the racially charged backlash he received after he dared to be honest in front of president obama, watch this. >> it's very interesting the outpouring of sentiment after the national prayer breakfast. i got so much mail, letters, books, just amazing from everybody and some of the more poignant ones were from older americans who said they had given up and they were just waiting to die and now they felt a sense of revival once again, you know? i also got a few nasty-grams from people, how dare you insult my president. you are an n-word and you need to get back-- you know, that's just unbelievable, you know? when did we reach a point where you have to have a
9:28 pm
certain philosophy because of the color of your skin? when did that happen? you know? >> joining me now the man you heard from author of "america the beautiful" pediatric neuro surgery at johns hopkins, although soon to retire. dr. benjamin carson, welcome back, sir. >> thank you, nice to be back. >> sean: i'm sorry to hear that, but it's so common, if you express any conservative thought and you're he african-american, you're eviscerated, you're smeared, slandered. how bad was it after that prayer breakfast? >> you know, the vast majority of communications were extremely positive. i have to say that. but there were some of individuals who are relatively narrow-minded and sort of like to put people into categories and boxes and can't understand why you would move off the reservation. i will say, however, i've been thrilled because i've had so many of my african-american colleagues at johns hopkins come up to me and say i'm a
9:29 pm
democrat, but if you run you'll certainly going to vote for you and i'm not saying anything about me running, but it is wonderful to know that there's some people who actually think for themselves and judge a person on the content of their character. >> sean: okay. but you did open the door by saying "if i were in the white house" if i was in the white house. so, it does beg the question and you answered it saying that you will let prayer guide you, but are you thinking about it? is it in your thought process? >> well, i would say certainly it's a year or year and a half from now, there's significant sentiment, would i certainly have to give it consideration, but you know how things come and go, so, i think it's way too early to think about it. >> but you're leaving the door wide open and that's pretty interesting to me. who do you like? would you look at the people out there potentially who could run. who impresses you? >> well, i certainly like the
9:30 pm
individual you just had on. >> sean: ted cruz? >> no. >> sean: oh, rand paul. >> rand paul and not just because he's a doctor like i am, he thinks quite logically. he has courage and he's willing to take positions that some other people won't and part the of the problem that we're having right now is that there are a lot of people who lack courage, who always want everybody to adore them and they just are not willing to take stands based on real convictions. and when i see that, i'm really impressed with it. >> sean: that's my biggest criticism of republicans. republicans right now if they really want to not just symbolically, if they want to repeal health care, dr. carson, bank of america care, they've got to shut the government down and be labeled the full faith and credit of the united states is in jeopardy, which is not true, but if they he really want to do that, that's what it will take. i want them to do it. >> yeah, i think they need to
9:31 pm
also have a replacement ready to go. and this is where we really need to concentrate a little bit of effort. i think it can be crafted fairly quickly because we already spend way more than enough money on health care. and i want to do it in such a way that we put the power in the hands of the people to control their own health care and put that relationship, that doctor-patient relationship back together. it makes for much better health care. >> sean: yeah. what do you think? the president tried to scare everybody with the sequestration and armageddon talk and now they're threatening that the easter egg roll may not take place on the white house lawn this year, closed down they're saying if in fact the government closes down. do you think the president is living too lavish a life style? now, jay carney was asked about this, we've closed the white house to visitors, kids can't go see it. i want you to see this exchange and respond to it.
9:32 pm
>> when there's government workers who may be furloughed, millions of americans unemployed and family budgets that have been cut, how does the president justify lavish vacations and a golf trip to florida at taxpayer expense? and does he plan to cut back on his travel? >> i can tell you that this president is focused every day on policies that create economic growth and help to advance job creation. we have presided over the past three years over an economy that's produced over 6.3 million private sector jobs and we have more work to do. and this president's number one priority is growth and job creation. >> what a bunch of-- there's 20 million more americans on food stamps, number one. and number two, we have one in six americans in poverty. what would dr. carson do if he was president. would you cut back? >> well, i would certainly cut back, but the pay i would cut is evenly, but i would give
9:33 pm
the managers of each department discretion because they know where the fat is. they're not going to cut the muscle, they're going to cut the fat. it seems like what the president is doing is trying to cut in the places where it hurts the most in order to prove a point and i -- if ever the mainstream media reaches a point where they recognize that if we destroy this nation and destroy the economy, they, too, will be destroyed, i think at that point they will start asking the tough questions and helping to move the population in the right direction. >> sean: don't hold your breath, dr. carson. i declared in my own medical way, the media in this country dead. may they rest in peace. (laughter) all right, good to see you, sir, thanks for being with us. >> you, too, thanks. >> sean: shocking images out of cairo after a mob of vigilantes brutally murdered and hanged two men, and we'll
9:34 pm
have that video and show you. and laze cheney and pat caddell will join me and asking why are your tax dollars going to such a radical country? log on to the website, we always want to hear from you, at hannity ad why am i sitening this chair, who hired me? and what about his background and what about his background saw something in me that i twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. [ construction sounds ] ♪
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9:39 pm
a motorized rikshaw and the chowed was reportedly chanting "kill them." they asked them to capture those for breaking the law and hand them over to the police. and joining me liz cheney and pat caddell. it seems to me, we've gone over this, time to cut and run. got to get out of there. the regime has been radicalized. we're giving them f-16's, giving them tanks, giving them money. bad idea? >> very bad idea. it's absolutely clear now that this regime, the muslim brotherhood, the same organization as hamas, they're fellow travelers with al-qaeda. this president himself allowed al-qaeda sympathizers overrun the embassy, and in response we continue to provide more and more aid. there's been this discussion about whether we should continue the military aid, cut
9:40 pm
out the economic aid. certainly it's time to cut out the economic aid and i think we've now gone past the time where we've got to cut off the military aid as well. we're past the moment where you could make the case where the egyptian military is going to provide balancing or secular impact in that society. >> sean: they've been replaced by hand picked puppets of morsi. we've got to assume that they have hbeen radicalized as well, right. >> for us to be in a position where we're supporting president morsi, not speaking out. when the muslim brotherhood president of egypt does everything he can to really kill democracy in that nation sends a message to anyone who is an around the region that the united states is behind the radicals or extremists. it's almost like you can't make it up. >> sean: pat, the president is going to israel, the first
9:41 pm
time since he was president. snubbing the knesset, why? because there would be a war that starts? >> i know the policies in the middle east are blowing up on us. morsi is violently anti-israel. the muslim brotherhood, this is not a partisan issue. we are facing islamic extremists they took over egypt, weren't supposed to. morsi trying to kill democracy. john kerry, the secretary of state, the week that obama said that the armageddon. congress said 250 million dollars and meanwhile the military which is very disturbing, not just the f-16's, but the tanks. we're not holding them accountable. i think we've got to try-- we've kept the peace with egypt and israel and we've gotten ourselves on the hook. it's not just there, we have
9:42 pm
the problem in israel, we have the problem now with the saudis in iran and we have the problem-- >> in the region. >> what i'm amazed by, you know, one of the ways that republicans succeeded was they had two pillars, the anti-government spending and national security. and i think the establishment in washington the republican-- okay, but the truth is that they have really let the national security one go. >> sean: all right. what about, i'm a little stunned, liz, i shouldn't be, but the president seems to me has an opportunity to send a loud message to the rise of radical islamists around the world. he's going to snub the knesset, and not going to visit the wall, a threat if he did a war would break out. i would do the opposite that the radicals said i couldn't do, why not go to the knesset and the western wall? >> i think because this president is not concerned about the rise of islam around
9:43 pm
the world. i think he's willing to demonstrate he's willing to take steps necessary in order to stop radical islam in order to secure american interests. i don't think he is concerned at this point. i would also say you've got an awful lot of people who accuse the republicans of being obstructionist, but when you look at policies like this assistance to egypt, it seems it's not obstructionism for congress to put a hold on the assistance and for them to stop what he's doing, it's patriotism. at some point we've got to say we've got to stop the dangerous policies if we're going to have any hope coming out of the end of this administration of salvaging a nation that we know and love. >> sean: how does a president justify 250 million dollars, f-16's, not only are we giving them. we're not selling them, we're paying for them and tanks. >> and tanks. >> sean: 1.5 billion dollars, and he does it on the weekend of the sequestration, now, here is my question. how does he justify closing down the white house, maybe the easter egg roll and
9:44 pm
everything else. >> understand something, and i said this on our show he "political insiders" i said yesterday, can you ever remember a president who went out of his way to try to hurt americans, to achieve a political agenda. >> sean: a political point. no, but he's doing things-- >> pursuing an election, and it's very worrisome and hurting americans. >> sean: 2014? >> 2014, hey, folks, that's what -- i don't care what he does when you're looking at him now when the poll ratings are going down. that's his objective. he gambled that he could change the muslim world and the fact is, we have tolerated -- i remember when the members of this administration, members of congress saying the muslim brotherhood they're not bad. they are poison and we're seeing that in egypt and it's a-- you know, you have to make a tough stand. >> sean: liz, you know, when he you say that the israelis
9:45 pm
are the descendents of pigs and apes, 9/11 truther, this is not hard to figure out and predict. the media got it wrong, the president got it wrong and a few of us here got it right. you being one of them, i was one of them. i don't know where you were. >> it's worse than what pat is saying. i don't think that this president is watching the united states decline for political gain. i think he doesn't mind if the united states declines. i think he believes that in fact we should not be the preeminent nation in the world and his policies are meant to carry that out both at home and abroad. >> sean: all right. good to see you both. by the way, saw the piece on your dad on, i think it was show time over the weekend. liz, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean, got to be with you. >> sean: it's the new book that profiles the president, my boss, here at the fox news channel-- >> our boss. >> sean: all of ours, that's right, roger ailes off camera and it takes readers inside the incredible life and the career of a television genius. the author is here with a preview and later tonight, a
9:46 pm
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>> now, my next guest says, he was granted access to my boss, roger ailes, and the new book "roger ailes off camera", an inside look at why i'm sitting in this chair right now. it details my boss' incredible life, his career, stories about his modest upbringing, the secret meeting which by the way involved me, barack obama, before the election in 2008. and if you're a viewer as you obviously are, the fox news channel, you will be captivated by this book. you're going to really like it. here is ed chafetz. >> sean: did you see tapes when i started. it was god awful. why am i sitting here. >> that's a good question. i guess because roger thought you were going to be a big star on tv. >> sean: i asked him, what did you see?
9:51 pm
i'm looking -- i should have been fired in three days, but you know. >> one of the things that i discovered in the course of writing this book is that roger is an incredible talent scout and he's also got the soul of a coach. he remind me of red hourbach. and he picks them out of a lineup and the talent that he has and you're one of the lucky recipients. go ahead. >> sean: he changed my life, i would not be here, i would not be known in american households to whatever extent i might be if he didn't take a chance on me. and really, i was a local radio guy in atlanta and he put me in this chair. i'm not the only one. there's a lot of us. and he helped elect three presidents, so he's spent a lot of time with them. what quality is it? >> well, for one thing, roger is a meticulous producer and i think he probably knows
9:52 pm
television as well as anybody alive. and he has the real leadership qualities. everybody that i talked to, i've interviewed a lot of people in my life and work places and people always say nice things about their boss because they better, but-- >> no, it's different. the way people talk about roger at fox is a different kind of a way. >> i've never gotten a call when the ratings are great. hey, your ratings are great. good job. it's expected. and i never got a call either, a slow news period or something, and ratings, not once in 17 years. and let me ask you this, i think some of the best stories were about his background and his upbringing, very humble, for ohio, warren, ohio. >> right. >> and he also faced some health difficulties. >> yeah. >> and even came close to dying and i didn't know about the book. >> roger is a hemophiliac.
9:53 pm
and it could be a life threatening disease. he had some brushes with death and we talked a lot in the book about his sense of mortality. he has a young son, as you know, zack, and he's wrapped up and concerned, thinking about on his own childhood. he spent a lot of time in the hospital alone, listening to the noises of nighttime hospitals when he was a kid and it affected him. when he, not long ago roger went to warren to a family reunion and he took him out to the family plot and he saw that his grandparents were buried there and there was a small plot, a child sized plot in between them. and the idea was that that was where he would be buried because they didn't expect he would live to adult hood. >> sean: my favorite story in the book involves me and i'm not being a narcissist here, i never knew about this, he never told me. rupert murdoch owns news
9:54 pm
corps, my boss roger ailes you write about and they met with then senator barack obama in new york at the waldorf hotel and i came up as a discussion. >> and roger told me the story and i tell it in the book. the obama campaign was not happy with some of the coverage here and there was this meeting and. >> sean: not particularly my coverage apparently. >> well, at one point, it became clear that you were more or less the issue and roger said to senator obama, look, don't worry about it, people who want sean hannity aren't going to vote for you anyway. >> sean: and news max actually had a piece he was complaining that i was calling him a terrorist, which i never did, and i think the roger said, meaning your friend bill ayers, he did hang out with the guy the beginning of his career. and the book, i take this
9:55 pm
personally and i would not be here. i'm glad you spent the time writing it, i read it in two sittings, cover to cover. he's the greatest boss and changed my life and extraordinarily thankful i'm here at this channel and you captured the man i got to know. and thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. >> sean:, book stores everywhere. when we come back you will see shocking video of a 63-year-old grandmother being assaulted outside a delaware planned parenthood clinic and tonight we received the permission from the woman who took the footage to air it here on "hannity." and unbelievable. she was pointing out how the clinic on numerous occasions had to call in ambulances for botched abortions and she was literally thrown to the ground and that will leave you outraged. it's monday. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine.
9:56 pm
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